Stage One and Perfect Pitch Musicals Announce Partnership for Bursary Scheme to Support Emerging Producers with a Focus On Developing New British Musicals

Stage One and Perfect Pitch Musicals announce partnership for Bursary scheme to support emerging producers with a focus on developing new British musicals.

In Autumn 2022, Stage One and Perfect Pitch are delighted to be working together to award outstanding emerging producers an increased level of financial support for both the producer and the project to allow meaningful development of new British musicals to take place. 

 Since 2000 Stage One have awarded emerging producers Bursary funds to support their careers and the development of new productions. This unique scheme allows producers to receive subsistence for their time on projects, allowing them to focus on developing work and supporting other artists too. This has proven exceptionally valuable for producers who otherwise would have to take on a number of jobs and other freelance projects in order to financially sustain themselves during the process of getting a production to the stage. 

 The initial award comprises of 2 parts: 

  • A grant of up to £15,000 towards subsistence, company set up, rights acquisition and other overheads 
  • Mentoring from an experienced industry professional 


Producers whose application is successful for the initial Stage One Bursary award and whose projects align with the aims* of Perfect Pitch will be invited to apply for additional financial support of up to a further £15,000 which will also include:

  • Access to low-cost development opportunities 
  • Subsidised workshop & rehearsal space 
  • Additional musicals mentorship (alongside the support provided by Stage One) 
  • Access to musical focused networking events 
  • Access to industry pitching days to be the first to hear about new musicals in development and meet the creative teams involved e.g. BEAM festival 

“Perfect Pitch are absolutely delighted to partner with Stage One and to offer additional value to their already brilliant work identifying and supporting the producers of the future. As a recipient of the bursary in 2005 I know the value of Stage One first hand and it is a testament to their early career support that we are now able to offer our own support and work together to ensure the producers of future new musicals represent the wide breadth of communities they come from, and are supported in telling new, contemporary, and relevant stories.” 

 Andy Barnes – Perfect Pitch 

“We are so pleased that Perfect Pitch approached us with this idea, it is so time consuming, expensive and daunting creating a brand new musical and it is great that they will be able to compliment the bursary award with further expertise and financial support. We hope that through this we see truly diverse and brilliant work hit our stages in the coming years”. 

Joseph Smith – Stage One 

Applications for the Bursary scheme will open on 22nd August 2022 and close on the 19th September 2022. Producers working on a variety of different productions are encouraged to apply. To apply, please visit:

Date Published: 25 August 2022

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