SOLT & UK Theatre respond to recent Government announcements of a new Department and the Appointment of a new Secretary of State

Claire Walker and Hannah Essex, co-CEOs of SOLT and UK Theatre:

“We, and the wider theatre sector, are delighted to welcome the announcement of a new Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Lucy Frazer KC MP as the Secretary of State.

It is a positive step that the Prime Minister has recognised the importance of culture and the creative industries to the UK economy, and the UK’s role as a global leader in these areas.

In order to meet the Prime Minister’s ambitions for the sector, the next step must be to maintain the higher rate of Theatre Tax relief at the March budget that has delivered vast benefit to the UK economy since its introduction in 2021. This must be followed up by working with the theatre sector to develop a strong UK talent pipeline through investment in the arts premium and the development of the cultural education plan.

We look forward to working with the new Secretary of State and department to promote, sustain and grow the UK theatre sector at home and internationally.”