Encouraging safer and more supportive working practices in theatre

Encouraging safer and more supportive working practices in theatre

SOLT and UK Theatre are coordinating industry-wide action to ensure that everyone in theatre and performing arts can prevent and tackle harassment and abuses of power, and ensure theatre and the performing arts is a safer, more supportive and inclusive working environment for all in the future.  

As well as our new   Dignity at Work Training and our legal checklist, we are now introducing two further areas of support.  

  • 10 Principles to encourage safer and even more supportive working practices in theatre. The principles are intended to help all employers, employees, workers, freelancers, volunteers, directors and trustees to create a positive tone and cultureThey have been adapted from the 8 principles commissioned for the film industry by the BFI and are supported by the major unions and industry bodies.         
  • Theatre Helpline (0800 915 4617) is a free and confidential support line available 24/7 for anyone working in theatre and performing arts in the UK.  
Theatre Helpline provides advice and support to help deal with challenges including:
      • Bullying or harassment
      • Health issues including mental health
      • Injury and mobility problems
      • Issues with employment or unemployment
      • Career issues including professional development and training 
      • Retirement and care in later life
      • Debt and financial issues
Download a Theatre Helpline poster in English or Welsh to display at your organisation.
Read our Theatre Helpline FAQs in English or Welsh.

SOLT and UK Theatre have published a handbook, downloadable here - which includes:

  •  10 Principles to encourage safer and even more supportive working practices in theatre.     
  • Theatre Helpline information.
  • A legal checklist to support you in making sure you have clear, up-to-date policies and procedures for preventing and dealing with harassment and bullying.
  • Example policies, procedures and initiatives from SOLT and UK Theatre members across the country.
  • A summary of the key themes arising from the open forums held across the country in February, and suggestions of good practice arising from those events.  
  • A list of organisations and individuals with specialist skills to help deal with sensitive issues. 

SOLT and UK Theatre have developed this support following our conversations with members, and others across the theatre and performing arts industry. We know it’s vital that that conversation continues, so that together we can ensure we make our world-leading theatre industry even stronger for the future.

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