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The UK & the EU

UK-EU Update

The UK has left the EU.

On Thursday 24 December The Prime Minister announced that the UK reached an EU Exit trade and security agreement with the EU. 

You can find links to the PM's statement here and further detail on the agreement is here.

The House of Commons Library has also produced The UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement: summary and implementation document.

It is important that all organisations continue to prepare for the changes at the end of the year. Guidance on advice can be found at, including a tool that provides a personalised list of actions to get ready. 

Goverment will continue to update these pages as further guidance is produced.

Your business will be affected. Make sure you're ready. Answer a few questions to get a personalised list of actions.  

Start the Government's questionnaire nowTouring Europe - checklists for arts, culture & creative sector: Government checklists & guidanceDCMS Brexit Weekly Newsletter More information for members here

The Arts, Heritage and Cultural sectors - helping you to prepare  

  1. Your employees
  1. Your data
  1. Visiting Europe
  1. Your business and services
  1. Movement of goods

See below for offer of help from Soundmoves. 

  1. EU Funding
  1. Recruiting from outside the UK
  1. Global Talent Visa
  1. Government's Transition Page

Below is a summary of some of the work we have done on Brexit. 

The Referendum

Since the referendum we have been working on ensuring that theatre and the performing arts’ voice is heard as we prepared to leave the EU. We have done this through policy discussions with government and other stakeholders; through responding to requests for information from DCMS; asking members for information; or attending roundtables and meetings. 


We have responded to a number of consultations on Brexit, including working with the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).

Impact Tracker

In late 2017 we also proactively began our own Impact of Exiting the EU surveys series of research. The results of those surveys are here: UK Theatre & SOLT's Exiting the EU survey results (1, 2 & 3 combined) Survey 4 results.  

Government's Brexit Readiness Grant

In 2019 SOLT and UK Theatre were successful in an application for the Government's Brexit - Business Readiness Grant. We used this grant to help the sector prepare for a possible No-Deal Brexit scenario. This included sessions around the UK. All sessions took place in Autumn 2019 and were free to attend.     

They covered topics such as:

  • Movement of people (short term and longer term, including immigration)
  • Movement of freight (sets, equipment etc)    
  • IP (copyright and trade marks)
  • Data

Advocacy Briefings

Up until the beginning of COVID members received monthly Advocacy Briefings. These included Brexit updates.

1 January 2021

UK Theatre and SOLT's work will not stop on the 1st January. We will continue to engage with government and members on key issues. In particular we will want to hear from you on the impact Brexit is having on your business, for example, whether this is the extra cost or time it takes to tour in the EU, or whether you are finding it harder to recruit talent from the EU. 

31 December 2020

The end of the transition period.

We are still in close contact with DCMS raising unanswered questions and also working with parliamentarians to continue to have the theatre sector's voice heard on the impact of Brexit. 

31 January 2020

'The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020 and is now in an 11-month transition period. During this period the UK effectively remains in the EU's customs union and single market and continues to obey EU rules. However, it is no longer part of the political institutions. So, for example, there are no longer any British MEPs in the European Parliament' (source BBC).

For those of you that attended our 'getting ready for a No-Deal Brexit' roadshow dates last autumn, where we worked with a number of specialists on a range of issues, you will remember Sound Moves helped us deliver the sessions on movement of people. 

Sound Moves have been back in touch and have offered the below for members:

'Sound Moves would like to offer it’s full support and unrivalled knowledge of live production touring to anyone faced with a Brexit challenge in the coming months.

We have worked through many theoretical challenges and in all honesty as acknowledged experts are finding it hard to get H.M. Revenue and Customs and indeed foreign Authorities to  fully engaged without specific consignment data and deadlines to discuss and resolve.

With this is mind Sound Moves would love to accept any challenges out there on a Pro Bono basis to help our friends in the live touring industry whilst at the same time gaining for ourselves real hands on meaningful experience.

So if you have a real life challenge and need so real time support and advice in the first instance please contact:'

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