SOLT Box Office Figures 2015

SOLT Box Office Figures 2015

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Society of London Theatre reports healthy Box Office figures for 2015 

The Society of London Theatre’s 2015 Box Office figures, published today (Thursday 25 February 2016), show another strong and robust year for London theatre in 2015. Please note that comparisons with 2014 are slightly difficult as 2015 figures are based on a 52 week year, whereas 2014 was a 53 week reporting year. 

Comparative highlights are: 

  • Gross revenue of £633,778,537 up 1.6% compared to 2014 
  • Average weekly attendances in 2015 increased to 283,511 (278,205 in 2014) with the highest weekly attendance of 432,310 achieved in week 52 (28 December 2015-3 January 2016). 
  • Overall attendance was similar to the year before at 14,742,588 (down 0.02% but on 52 week basis). 
  • Sales generated VAT receipts for the Treasury of £105,629,756 
  • Advance sales were up by an average of 14%, peaking at over £107 million in December. In 2015 there was a very slight increase of 1.66% in the average price paid to £42.99 (up from £42.29 in 2014) suggesting continued demand and a reduction in discounting, as evidence of the increasing popularity of London theatre. 

Please note these reporting figures are based on a 52 week year. The 2014 Box Office figures were based on a 53 week year. 

Caro Newling, President of the Society of London Theatre, said: “Audiences have yet again demonstrated an ever-increasing appetite for theatre on a scale that plants London theatre front and centre of cultural life. The range of productions on offer, coupled with initiatives to encourage new generations to enjoy live performance, has clearly hit the mark. The value of the investment is measured in pounds but the enrichment derived goes far beyond the numbers of seats sold.“ 

  • Box Office figures are compiled on behalf of the industry by the Society of London Theatre, and relate to all the major theatres, both commercial and grant-aided, in central London. 
  • Society of London Theatre (SOLT) is the not-for-profit organisation which provides a collective voice for the theatre owners, producers and managers of all the major commercial and grant-aided theatres across London. As well as protecting the interests of all its member theatres, SOLT promotes theatregoing through activities including the Olivier Awards with MasterCard, the TKTS ticket booth, the Official London Theatre website and its printed fortnightly listings guide, Theatre Tokens and the popular annual celebration West End LIVE in association with MasterCard. It also administers the audience development initiatives Kids Week and Get Into London Theatre, and supports a number of theatrical charities including Stage One and Mousetrap Theatre Projects.
  • Society of London Theatre is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, whose registered office is at 32 Rose Street, London WC2E 9ET, Company No 527227. 
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  • 2015 HEADLINE FIGURES 2015 
    • Key Results (with percentage comparisons to 2014) Total attendance: 14,742,588 (-0.02%). Previous best year was 2014 14,744,887 Total revenue: £633,778,537 (+ 1.6%). Previous best year was 2014 £623,616,401 2015: attendances and revenue by genre (with percentage comparisons to 2014) Musicals: Attendance 8,266,104 (+4%). Revenue £385,139,101 (+6%) Plays: Attendance 4,116,250 -5%). Revenue £141,198,009 (-4%) Other (Opera, Dance, Performance, Entertainment): Attendance 2,360,234 (+14%). Revenue £107,441,427 (+15%) 

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Society of London Theatre is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales, whose registered office is at 32 Rose Street, London, WC2E 9ET, Company No 527227.